To the attention of interested persons
On Wednesday, March 25th, 2015, the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices (NAMMD) organised a panel meeting with representatives of several patient associations, for discussion of pharmacovigilance issues and presentation of the adverse drug reaction reporting form for patient.
Participants in the meeting were representatives of the Association for Patient Protection, the Federation of Associations of Patients with Cancer, the Association of Patients with Liver impairment (APAH-RO), the Coalition of Organisations of Patients with Chronic Diseases (COPAC), the National Union of Organisations of HIV/AIDS Patients (UNOPA), the Daruieste Viata Association, the Federation of Associations of Romanian Diabetes Patients, the Association of Patients with Autoimmune Diseases, the Association for Rare Diseases and the Baylor Marea Neagra Foundation.
The NAMMD was represented by Dr. Marius Tãnase, Vice-President, specialists of the Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Service, as well as of the Department for Policies and Strategies.
Participants representing patient associations expressed their openness to raise public awareness and promote the patient reporting form as well as their availability for posting it on their respective websites.
The NAMMD encourages both patients and healthcare professionals to report suspected adverse reactions to all medicines, vaccines included. By reporting adverse reactions, patients too can help improvement of the drug safety profile, thereby protecting public health.
The patient reporting form is available on the NAMMD website.
Concluding, NAMMD representatives expressed their availability for organising periodic meetings with representatives of patient associations on other topics of interest as well