Customs Notices are granted only for medical devices to be used in Romania, under one of the following circumstances:
a) medical devices for technical assessment, clinical investigation and / or assessment of performance for certification purposes;
b) devices imported as samples for fairs, exhibitions or other promotional events.

The application for grant of customs notice and the Payment form for the tariff are available for download on the Forms and Fees webpage.

One application and one payment form will be completed for each product.

Following completion of the form for payment of the tariff, it shall be submitted to the NAMMDR headquarters in 48 Aviator Maior Ștefan Sănătescu, Sector 1, 011478, Bucharest, and the respective request will be invoiced by the NAMMDR. After payment and its confirmation, you can submit your request to the NAMMDR headquarters in 58 Nicolae Titulescu, Sector 1, 011144, Bucharest.

The application form is available for download on the Forms and Fees webpage.

Pursuant to Order of the Minister of Health no. 3467/2022, Annex 1 point 1.1., the following fee applies for grant of the Customs Notice:
Customs Notice – 120 lei