To the attention of all authorised wholesale distributors of medicinal products
Please be informed that, following theft from the pharmacy of the Braila Emergency County Hospital, the following medicinal products are lacking from the pharmacy’s stock:
– AVASTIN 25mg/ml, vial x 4ml, batches B7110B01 (expiry date: 11.2015), B8000B02 (expiry date: 04.2016)
– AVASTIN 25mg/ml, vial x 16ml, batches B7031B03 (expiry date: 02.2016), B7050B06 (expiry date: 06.2016)
– HERCEPTIN 150 mg, batch H4450B03 (expiry date: 05.2018)
– NIVESTIM 30MU/0.5ml, batch 2861123B (expiry date: 31.03.2016)
– TORISEL 25mg/ml, batch AJ64/92 (expiry date: 30.04.2017)
In case you own or purchase packages from these batches, please ensure they come from legal and authorised sources.
In case of suspicion concerning the origin of certain packages, please inform the NAMMD immediately.