E-mail technical issues / Interim NAMMD e-mail addresses
Because of technical issues, communication with the NAMMD via @anm.ro e-mail addresses cannot be used until further notice. In the meantime, direct communication with NAMMD departments and services can be established via the following e-mail addresses:

NAMMD Department Interim e-mail address
European Procedures Department dpe@anmdm.ro
National Procedure Department dpn@anmdm.ro
Information, Logistics and Electronic Management of Data Department dliged@anmdm.ro
Economic Department de@anmdm.ro
General Administration Department dag@anmdm.ro
Pharmaceutical Inspection Department dif@anmdm.ro
Legal Department dj@anmdm.ro
Human Resources Department drus@anmdm.ro
Biological Products Evaluation and Control Department decpb@anmdm.ro
Medicinal Product Quality Control Department dccm@anmdm.ro
Policies and Strategies Department dps@anmdm.ro