To the attention of wholesale distributors, parallel importers and wholesale/retail distributors of medicinal products
Please be advised that the implementation at national level of the National Medicines Verification System, as part of the European Medicines Verification System, was launched on 09 February 2018.
Please find relevant information related to the implementation project and the internal training of your company, in order to ensure operation according to the new legal conditions within the specialised sections of the website of the Organisation for Serialisation of Medicinal Products: https://osmr.ro/dapp/, https://osmr.ro/importator-paralel/ and https://osmr.ro/distribuitori/.
Your company may submit applications for assistance concerning the internal training of the company (dapp_mah@osmr.ro, distribuitor@osmr.ro, importator_paralel@osmr.ro) and has granted access for contributions to implementation or applications for classification concerning implementation via e-mail: implementare_clarificari@osmr.ro.
The materials presented at the conference “Patient Safety via Medicinal Product Safety – 1 year until operation”, marking the launching of implementation at national level, are available by accessing the download link at www.osmr.ro (at the end of the webpage of the conference material, under the “News” heading: https://osmr.ro/category/stiri/)