To the attention of interested persons
The National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices (NAMMD) had the honour to host the first workday of the 4th edition of the Patients’ School Masterclass, organised by the Health Policies Magazine and by the the Coalition of Organisations of patients with chronic diseases (COPAC).
The following participants have replied to questions and manifested total openness toward efficient and constructive communication with patient associations:
Conf. Univ. Dr. Diana Paun – State Counsellor, Presidential Administration
Sorina Pintea – Minister of Health
Dr. Octavian Alexandrescu – Secretary of State – Ministry of Health
Dr. Alexandru Velicu – NAMMD President
Razvan Vulcanescu – NHIH President
Conf. Univ. Dr. Florin Buicu – President of the Health and Family Commission, Chamber of Deputies
Emanuel-Gabriel Botnariu – member of the Commission for Public Health, Senate
Romana Furtuna – Counsellor of the Minister of Health on the relationship with patient associations and NGOs.
The NAMMD President has enforced the idea expressed by Sorina Pintea, the Minister of Health, stating the fact that the Agency is ruled by a young team, which has already identified most of the issues for which it is entitled to find solutions.
Once again, Dr. Velicu highlighted the fact that the role of the NAMMD, as highlighted by Conf. Univ. Dr. Diana Paun as well, is well defined and assumed by all Agency specialists.
The NAMMD is currently facing a real issue, mentioned by Conf. Univ. Dr. Buicu, a well-known situation which should be discussed publicly (reduced staff, implementation of the Unitary Pay Law, as well as the wish to avoid medicinal product recall or discontinuation in supply of the pharmaceutical market).
As regards the cooperation with the NHIH, the President said he had met President Razvan Vulcanescu several times, which has led to setup of a working group aiming to identify possibilities for reduction of bureaucracy between the two institutions, which he had noticed back in the days when he was the NAMMD Vice-President.
To conclude, Dr. Velicu reaffirmed his openness toward proactive communication with patient associations with whom, as he has already discussed with Radu Ganescu, the COPAC President, is about to sign a collaboration protocol, in view of establishing a partnership for identification of the association’s specific issues and of practical solutions for their resolution, and in order to promote an ethical, correct and transparent environment for communication.